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10 x 5m Commercial Wellness Spa

Specification: One piece, deck overflow, free standing 10 x 5m Wellness Spa


  • 2 No. Floor Hydro Air Plates,
  • 3 No. Fan Fountain Jets
  • Six Position Air Day Bed
  • 3 No.Individual Spa Pods,
  • Stainless Steel Fittings, LED Lights
  • 75mm Encapsulated Sidewall Insulation. Calculated ‘U’ value = 0.18W/m²K (Calculated in accordance with BS EN ISO 13370:2007)

Mosaic: Baltic Blue (Ceramic)

Installation Area: Suffolk

Installation Time: 7 days (pool only)

Contractor: Barr & Wray

Requirement: to replace an existing wellness spa pool.

Summary: Commercial pool specialists; Barr & Wray were contracted to replace an existing dilapidated pool. The replacement was enhanced with extra water features and individual spa pods. The free standing pool structure was supplied pre-plumbed, as a one piece swimming pool and had to be lowered through a restricted open roof top.

Due to the leisure park environment the existing pool had to be removed and replaced within seven days.

Plans: Click here to view sample plans for this project

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