Creating total modular pools and spas just for you

Pool and Spa Combination

Specification: 10 x 4m Pool incorporating 2 x 2m internal spa


  • Aquamatic Safety Cover
  • Internal Spa
  • Swim Jet
  • Stainless Steel Fittings

Mosaic: Baltic Black (Ceramic)

Installation Area: Essex

Contractor: Pleasure Pools

Installation time (pool, spa & cover only): 10 days

Requirement: to design and install a one piece fully tiled indoor pool incorporating an internal spa and safety cover.

Summary: incorporating the spa within the pool shell enabled the client to maximise the surround floor area adjacent to the pool.  The spa can be run independently or cascade over an in-built weir to the swimming pool via series of manual controls. A Stainless Steel Fluvo swim jet was installed along the length of pool too.

Cover System: A hydraulically operated safety cover (Aquamatic (want AQM as  a hyperlink!) was specified due the small pit size dimension (330 x 330mm).

Aquamatic Cover System: A hydraulically operated safety cover system that only requires a 330 x 330mm housing above or below ground. In addition to the safety benefits, the fabric type cover material significantly reduces humidity, evaporation loss (20% less than conventional slatted systems). All Aquamatic covers meet US ASTM safety standards.

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