Creating total modular pools and spas just for you

Why One Piece Swimming Pools?


Because you will be able to deliver complete projects in a fraction of the time with an average pool build of 10 days compared to 8 weeks for conventional concrete construction thanks to Signature Products’ ‘fully tiled modular pool system’.

You will not be beholden to other sub-contractors, there are no construction delays due to inclement weather, no tiling expertise required and no pool fittings to install on site. The pool only needs to be plumbed and wired and the project is complete.

Because of our construction method our pools are 100% waterproof with no structural leaks and are even stronger than concrete. Every pool has 75mm PU Foam Encapsulated Sidewall and Floor Insulation achieving an impressive ‘U’ value = 0.18W/m²K (calculated in accordance with BS EN ISO 13370:2007) that surpasses the current Part L requirements by a massive 40%.

developer-2Conceived by expert swimming pool designers, a Signature pool offers a luxury option, reducing the installation time whilst providing a high class fully tiled swimming pool.

A key advantage of GRP/Composites is that the material will not corrode, unlike steel or RC. Further, the relative flexibility compared to concrete gives greater resistance to thermal or other movement stresses. Structural failure of Pre-form Composite pools is virtually unheard of.

RC (gunite) pools are subject to the vagaries of on-site construction, the Pre-Form pool is produced in factory controlled conditions which means a very high level and consistency of quality can be assured. (The pool is in full compliance to standards such as BS 4994, the Specification for the Design and Construction of Vessels and Storage Tanks in Reinforced Plastics.)

A combination of past experience and predictions based upon the materials and technologies used, indicates a minimum service life of 25 years for Pre-Form Composite pool structures and, subject to routine care and maintenance, an anticipated maximum useful life of up to 50 years.

5 Simple Steps

There are 5 simple steps to creating a luxury pool or spa in your Hotel, Private Club, Gym, Retreat or Luxury Setting:

  1. Concept Design – We create an artist’s impression of how your pool or spa will look from photos of the actual setting or drawings.
  2. CAD Drawing – Our experts produce an accurate CAD drawing showing everything you and your architect will need.
  3. Full Design Plan – We finalise the design plan with all the relevant information, sizes and dimensions which you require to sign off having chosen your tiles and fittings etc.
  4. Build – The pool or spa is produced to your shape and specifications, then tiled by hand in our purpose built 100,000 sqft facility in Dubai.
  5. Delivery – Your luxury pool or spa is delivered complete in around 8-10 weeks. Each luxury spa has a 10 year pro-rated guarantee (2 year full manufacturers warranty for mosaic tiling).


developer-3The most common cause for concern from many dealers is the logistics of how the pool is going to be delivered and what their involvement will be.

Signature take care of everything.

Once you have established that the client is aware of the pool contract value and they are keen to proceed, contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements to carry out a full site survey and advise the total costs involved.

Working in close association with various logistic companies we take care of all the paperwork, from delivery and quayside collection processes to arranging ‘track way’ mats to protect the clients driveway. In addition, a full method statement is issued along with tailor-made route, necessary permits and escort vehicles where appropriate.

The biggest pool we can currently deliver (economically) as a one piece swimming pool is 11.5 x 4.5m.

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